Your Limbic System Needs Your Attention…Now

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  • Biological drives
  • Formation of long-term memories (Williams & Menendez, 2015).

Why should you care?

Under “normal” circumstances, many of us struggle with regulating our emotions. I’m talking about the tough ones here: anxiety, fear, aggression, depression.

Times are bleak, but you don’t have to spiral downward.

You have the ability to make choices. Consciously.

  1. Put language around your emotions. Identify your feelings. Give it a name. “I feel distracted by what’s unfolding around me.” “ It’s hard to focus when you talk about _____ around me.” “ I feel insecure about the future.”
  2. Recognize your wholeness and strength. Remember that the particular situation you are experiencing does not define your entire life. This is not to overlook the very real implications this time has on your life and well-being, but instead an affirmation of all that was and all there is to look forward to. “There are aspects of my life that are, and will remain operating in my favor.” “As complex as this situation is, I am big enough to see it through.”
  3. Catch yourself. Choose a catchphrase for each time you feel yourself caught in an unproductive thought loop. Mine is “excuse me, bitch. You know better than that.” It’s a blunt, somewhat harsh, way to bring myself back to reality and avoid letting my anxieties get the best of me.



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Britney A. Stephenson, MCC

Britney A. Stephenson, MCC

Faith-fueled life coach. Here’s what happens when I get my thoughts out of my head & make them make sense on paper.