Do These 5 Things to Attract Your Ideal Partner

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1. Know what you’re looking for

  • What personal values would you like your partner to have? (i.e family, financial security, integrity, contribution, etc.).
  • What personality traits appeal to you? (i.e goal-oriented, humble, thoughtful, patient, resourceful, persistent, etc.).
  • Are they interested in marriage?
  • Do they like/want/have pets, kids, vacations, etc.?
  • Physical characteristics?
  • Where do you want your partner to live? (long distance or within close proximity, with roommates? Do you want a homeowner or renter?).
  • Must they share any specific hobbies/interests with you?

2. Know what you bring to the table

  • How would I realistically describe myself in relationships? (how have I shown up in the past?)
  • When I look back, are there any common themes throughout past relationships?
  • What characteristics do I want my partner to see in me?
  • Am I prepared to be the type of partner my ideal mate needs?
  • What personal beliefs, habits, or skills would I like to improve?

3. Practice Discernment

4. Have a passion/your own life

5. Be focused enough to walk away



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