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On the night of July 26th, 2018, my older brother was shot and killed over approximately $600 worth of merchandise.

Someone wanted what my brother had, and they figured it’d be easier to get it if they took his life.

There were many late nights filled with grief; wet pillow cases soaked with tears.

It’s been a painful, yet surprisingly enlightening journey.

Because God.

If I had it my way, my brother would still be here with me today, of course.

But that’s the thing. Life isn’t meant to go my way.

Date with your heart AND head

Love is a mix of logic, will, and emotion. All three are necessary ingredients.

Yet, emotion is usually the driving force behind our decisions. Decisions that have long-term consequences; like who and how we date.

We crave the feels. But if those feels throw you off focus, what happens?

You become short-sighted. You cling to people you maybe shouldn’t have even made space for. You stay because you’re attached; but not connected. You forget what you wanted out of love. You forget who we wanted to become.

Do not do this.

Do not let temporary feelings block you from finding…

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My relationship with God is the most important thing in my life.

Why? Because I tried doing life without Jesus for a while…

Wouldn’t recommend it.

A series of consequences nearly broke me at a soul level. Thankfully, Jesus did the thing only he can do.

He met me where and how I was: broken. And because He’s a redeemer, He didn’t leave me that way.

Thankfully, He didn’t just pick up my broken pieces. He rearranged them (2 Corinthians 5:17).

I’m still being rearranged. Every minute. Of every hour, of every day.

That’s what this journey is all about…

The Road to Redemption

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We get so wrapped up with this world and the things in front of us that we forget everything here is actually temporary. I’ll be the first to admit that a big closet full of stylish clothes and shoes, nice houses, fancy dinners, fun vacations, and lots of money is fun. However, when life itself stops, none of that comes with us.

Do not be discouraged; I have good news for you. The best is yet to come! When this life ends, another begins…and that one lasts for eternity. Wherever your soul goes next is home forever. …

All sex, no feels.

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Today, people want what they want — and they want it fast. The desire to quickly outrun feelings of loneliness often makes singles rush into relationships. Whether they’re built to last is a different story.

Overlooking the things I’m about to share with you may lead you into a situation(ship) that is heavy on the sex; light on the substance. I don’t want that for you! Since you’re here, I’m going to assume you don’t want that for yourself either; so here are five reasons why he or she may not be meeting your emotional needs. …

A guide for serial daters who are ready to get out the game.

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When I get old, I’ll be able to look back at my early 20’s and say “I dated a lot.” I’d be able to recall both pleasant and not-so-pleasant memories of dating as an old-soul millennial, which I see as a blessing.

The blessing lays in the information. If you’re someone who’s dating frequently, but also ready to connect and build something more intimate with a serious partner, dating is your data.

We date to learn what we’re attracted to, what we’re not willing to tolerate, what we need, and how we want to fulfill other’s needs.

Collectively and with…

Decisions are empowered when you’re clear on why you’re making them. Get clear on your values, and box out anything that works against your mission.

Values are like a compass, or a map. Perhaps a GPS. The road is life, and values align you with the direction of your journey. Without them, we’d all be lost, and frankly unfulfilled. Clarifying your values is a fundamental step in designing and living the life that you personally desire. Get clear on them here.

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Values aren’t selected; they’re discovered. We don’t choose our values. Our values reveal themselves to us. — Scott Jeffrey

Personal values are a set of truths that you embody to make meaning in life. …

Consideration for the system in charge of our survival responses.

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Your brain is a 3-lb powerhouse. During times of crisis, the deliberate use of this small, yet complex system is what will fortify your mind, sustain your health, and protect your well-being.

The limbic system is perhaps the most important part of ourselves to tend to in the midst of current world events. Located in the middle of the brain, the amygdala, hippocampus, mamillary bodies, hypothalamus, thalamus, and cingulate gyrus each make up the limbic system.

If you’re extra curious about how each of these complex structures link and support…

During high-stress times, how you speak to yourself matters.

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Those who have had the pleasure of practicing daily affirmations know how powerful they can be. When practiced consistently, the use of intentional language can calm the mind, reshape counter-productive thoughts, and establish constructive patterns. Before sharing a list of 20 powerful affirmations, let’s take a moment to understand how we process them.

We know that the brain acts as our main control center. Yet, we often overlook the fact that our brains drift between two modes: one conscious, the other unconscious or subconscious.

The latter mode is where action and…

Do we love the act of living, or do we hate the idea of death?

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We are living in unprecedented times.

The world is now more interconnected than ever, which makes today a particularly challenging time to separate one’s own cocktail of thoughts and emotions from external, often competing forces.

Turn on the TV; your local news outlet has an urgent message for you. Click to another channel, and you may witness national news promote a conflicting view. If you’re fortunate enough to do so, pick up the phone and call your mom. What does she have to say? Have you consulted medical professionals? Discussed the situation with friends? Held internal dialogue while reading an article to yourself online?

Each voice…

Britney A. Stephenson, MCC

Faith-fueled life coach. Here’s what happens when I get my thoughts out of my head & make them make sense on paper.

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